Optimization and load balancing in next generation wireless networks

Over the past few years the number of devices using wireless data transmission has significantly increased, and the traffic in mobile networks is growing more than 2 times each year (according to Cisco's Visual Networking Index). This causes congestion in the network, to which the operators respond by rapid development of telecommunications infrastructure, which is increasing its complexity and hindering its management. Thus it is necessary to increase the efficiency of the next-generation wireless networks, while reducing the cost of their deployment and maintenance. The project responds to this need – its objective is to develop new algorithms for load balancing and selfoptimization for LTE, WiFi and heterogeneous wireless networks. The introduction of these mechanisms will allow more effectively utilize the available infrastructure and increase the amount of network resources available for the users, while improving the quality of service for each connection.

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01/01/2013 to 31/12/2015

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Projekt własny badawczy

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