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In Press
Nakip M, Gül BCan, Gelenbe E.  In Press.  Decentralized Online Federated G-Network Learning for Lightweight Intrusion Detection. Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation On Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS).  (1.06 MB)
Filus K, Domańska J.  In Press.  Global Entropy Pooling Layer for Convolutional Neural Networks. Neurocomputing.
Nasereddin M, Nakip M, Gelenbe E.  In Press.  Measurement Based Evaluation and Mitigation of Flood Attacks on a LAN Test-Bed. The 48th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks.  (1001.85 KB)
Sharma S, Kumar R, Kuaban GSuila, Soodan BSingh, Singh P.  In Press.  Performance and Cost Evaluation of an Adaptive Queuing System with Customer Reneging and Retention: Steady-state and Transient Analysis. International Journal of Services, Economics and Management.  (305.23 KB)
Gelenbe E, Nasereddin M.  In Press.  Protecting IoT Servers Against Flood Attacks with the Quasi Deterministic Transmission Policy.  (1.52 MB)
Miszczak J.  In Press.  Symbolic quantum programming for supporting applications of quantum computing technologies. QP2023 Workshop, Programming'23, Tokyo, JP, March 13-17, 2023.
Strzoda A.  In Press.  Zastosowanie Heurystyki do Wyboru Lokalizacji Węzłów Pośredniczących w Sieciach LP WAN. Konferencja Radiokomunikacji i Teleinformatyki KRiT 2023.