Machine Learning Kernel Method from a Quantum Generative Model

TytułMachine Learning Kernel Method from a Quantum Generative Model
Publication TypeUnpublished
Rok publikacji2019
AutorzySadowski P
Other Numbers arXiv:1907.05103

Recently the use of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices for machine learning tasks has been proposed. The propositions often perform poorly due to various restrictions. However, the quantum devices should perform well in sampling tasks. Thus, we recall theory of sampling-based approach to machine learning and propose a quantum sampling based classifier. Namely, we use randomized feature map approach. We propose a method of quantum sampling based on random quantum circuits with parametrized rotations distribution. We obtain simple to use method with intuitive hyper-parameters that performs at least equally well as top out-of-the-box classical methods. In short we obtain a competitive quantum classifier with crucial component being quantum sampling -- a promising task for quantum supremacy.

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